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Coleman Believes He Could Be On Verge Of His Biggest Achievement

on Aug 20, 2014

Chris Coleman has said that if he makes the Wales national football team qualify for the Euro Championships of 2016, it would be the biggest achievement that he can ever have in his career as manager.
Coleman, who has had stints as manager at clubs like Fulham and Real Sociedad, reckons that even if he wins the European Cup with some club in future, he would not get the same kind of satisfaction that he would get if Wales makes it to the Euro 2016.
Speaking in a programme, Coleman said, “Even Champions League glory would not give me as much happiness as Wales’ qualification for Euro 2016 would.”
“I was having a chat with the children over there moments ago and that’s what I was saying to them. Representing Wales, my country, is the proudest thing that I have done my career and I can feel that pride in managing Wales as well.”
“We’ve got enough talent to be able to make it to the Euro, let me assure you, but, the attitude of the players is the key. The players like Simon Church are what we need. Those who are present in each and every camp and give their 100% for Wales all the time, no matter if they are playing in a friendly match.”
Coleman had overseen Wales’ World Cup 2014 qualification campaign as well, but, that wasn’t a successful campaign. The Dragons did decently well in their group under him, but, unfortunately, they couldn’t get through as Croatia handed them 1-2 defeat in the last match.
The overall winning percentage of the Wales team under Coleman is not that impressive, but, to be fair to him, Wales has faced some very strong teams during his tenure.
In total, Wales has won 5 games in Coleman’s guidance so far.


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