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on May 1, 2014

Paul Lambert’s position in Aston Villa is now in jeopardy after the club suffered their 10th home loss in this season which is the first time which has happened in their 140 year history.

Aston Villa received Fulham at their home turf in Villa Park and goals from Kieran Richardson and Hugo Rodallega saw the team of Paul Lambert sustaining their 3rd consecutive defeat and the fans of the Premier League responded by booing the coach who risks being sacked by the end of the current season.

“The crowd has been very good,” said Lambert. “You can’t argue with the fan base here. It’s there, it is what it is and you have to perform in front of it, especially at home, where the majority of fans want to see you win’’.

“I’ve got no problem with that booing whatsoever. They pay their hard-earned money, they come to watch their team win and we never delivered. You always get stick when you lose. The fans have got every right to. They pay good money to come and watch their team so you have to be big enough to take it’’.

“I’m responsible for it because it was my decision to pick the players. For a club this size and the support it has got you know it is coming if you don’t win. The home form isn’t good enough. When you have this fan base you have to produce better results.” Lambert stated.

Aston Villa remains safely away from the bottom relegation zone but it just seems as if the club is not making any kind of progress since Paul Lambert took over the squad in 2012.

If Paul Lambert is unable to finish the season on a high note with victories, his role in Aston Villa is at risk with the potential of being sacked a possible outcome.


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