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Villa expectations brought back to earth

on Oct 28, 2014

Aston Villa have made a strong start to the Premier League season despite three consecutive defeats. Up until the first 3-0 defeat a few weeks ago, Villa were flying high in the table in the second place. They suffered another 3-0 defeat, this time against Chelsea – before losing 2-0 against Manchester City before the international break. These defeats have lowered their expectations for the season once again. Villa are 10th in the table after seven matches. Scoring goals has been a major issue for the club. It seems that no improvement since been made in this regard over the last few years.
As a result, the club are expected to dip in their hands in the transfer window. Manager Paul Lambert will be holding talks with owner Randy Lerner over the next few days in order to determine the transfer budget. It is expected that Lerner will be providing reasonable amount of money to the manager despite putting the club up for sale a few months ago. Some of the signings made by the club in the summer like Tom Cleverley have been good. Lambert says that he expects will not to be a force to reckon with once they get striker Christian Benteke to full fitness.
“I think Tom, Westy and Delph have been great (this season). Some of their play has been excellent. I think we have a resilience about us this season and the three of them are getting better and better with every game. We’re in a good place as a team. We’ve played the top four teams from last year and that’s an extremely tough fixture run to get through. The arrival of Sanchez has made him step up which he needs. The two years I have been here he has been so consistent,” said Lambert.


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